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A Hollywood writer finds his love life jeopardized by his possessed, jealousy-fueled cat. Hell’s Kitty is an award-winning web series (2012), comic book (2013), feature film (2018), and musical (2019). Hell’s Kitty has featured icons such as Courtney Gains, John Franklin, Michael Berryman, Doug Jones, Adrienne Barbeau, Dale Midkiff, Lee Meriwether, and many more! The feature film received praise from critics and fans worldwide, with Patrick Krause of Morbidly Beautiful calling it a “fun and entertaining romp with a stellar cast of horror greats and lots of love for genre fans.” The musical adaptation of Hell’s Kitty was also met with critical acclaim, with Lacey Pawlowicz from Become Immersed describing it as “absolutely delightful”. Danielle Nicole of Nightmarish Conjurings recommended Hell’s Kitty for “a fun night full of laughs and awkward moments.”